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You mean we have to give an explanation?
Sorry guys, but, yeah, we do.
B-but...we're no explanation needed!!
That would have worked better if you didn't stutter, Ocea.
No one asked your opinion, Meggi-chan!
Yeah, Oreona.
Hey!! That was uncalled for!
So's your face.
Desire, that doesn't even make sense.
Neither does her face.
*long suffering sigh* Why do I even bother?

How exactly does Desire get her laptop to work at Hogwarts?
She's one of the best students in our year-don't blush, you know it's true-and removed the anti-electricity charm.

Why does Desire freak out so much in third year when Meg sees her in wolf form? I understand that she'd be upset, but I would never have thought she'd take it to the extent of trying to leave Hogwarts. Could you explain please?
Yes,Desire. Could you explain please?
Errr...No explanation needed,tehe!
*narrows eyes at Desire*
Ok, ok, the summer before I started at Hogwarts, Something, er, happened on full moon. Something I would regret for the rest of my life. I mean, I know Meg wasn't hurt, but she could have been. I felt guilty, I guess. And worried they'd hand me over to the ministry. And...Thinking of what happened last time. I didn't want that to happen again. I didn't want to be that again, not that I have much choice about that one. I was scared, Ok? Scared of myself. Happy now?
*looks shocked* Bloody hell Desire...we're your friends, we don't care about that. Well, we do care, obviously, 'cause we were worried about you, but...help me out here guys!!
I think what Meg is trying to say is that we're still your friends, in spite of whatever you may have done in the past. Forever, you got that?
Yeah!! Don't you dare give up on us, Desire Lupin!! We wouldn't be no explanation needed without our prankster lolita!!
*Quietly*thanks guys. That means a lot to me...realy. And hey, if we can get through this, than we can do anything, right? 
Right. Nothing will ever stop us, the female marauders will be forever!!
*groans from the cliche-ness of the above statement*

You have a Jamaica fixation, ne? I was wondering if you are in any way connected to the Rastafarian movement?
The what movement?
No. Go ride a hippogriff.
*sighs and puts down book* No, we are nothing to do with the rastafarian movement, or Reggea music. We simply like Jamaica.

Was it Rea or Meg who told the others about their 'plan', and how did they think of it? Also, how did Oceana and Desire react? Thanks X
Meg did. I blushed and tried to explain her reasons for it.
Yeah!!! I would have expected Desire to be happy about it, but she wasn't...
Thats because you could have been killed. I would have talked you out of it, but I wasn't in any condition to...
We told her on the day after full moon, just to clear that up.
Tut tut, Rea. We shouldn't explain things. But, yeah, thats more or less it. Madame Pomfrey told us off *nods*
It's nothing to be proud of, Meg. We almost got banned from visiting Dessy-chan, and you know where that would lead *sends knowing glance in Megs direction*
...Am I missing something here?
Yeah, I guess that was careless. *sighs* as for how we thought of The Plan, I think it was inspired by Oceana, you know, and the fact that she can turn into a Bat. Thanks Ocea, you probably saved Dessy-chans life. *smiles gratefully* Oh, and I became and animagus earlier than Rea (in second year, actually) because...well...I thought it would be fun! *awkward laughter*
*glares at Meg* Don't you dare pity me!!
Sorry, Des. It just...slipped out. Sorry.
*is still glaring* Slipped out? *sighs* whatever. I don't have the energy to fight with you right now, Meg...
'Meg?' not 'Oreona'? wait...it's tonight, isn't it? *pitying look*
*smiles grimly* Yeah. Oh well, it was far worse without you.
...I guess. Anyway, next question?

How do you react to your fans? Or are you just indifferent to them *cough*Desire*cough*
I tell them to go ride a hippogriff. Honestly, don't these people have anything better to do?
I guess I'm flattered, but it's kind of awkward sometimes.
I go realy hyper and start squealing and going "thank you so much! This would never have been possible without (insert name here)" etc.
I shrug, mutter, 'thanks kid', and go back to whatever I was doing before. If these people choose to adore me, than thats their problem.

The Only Clock In this blessed place.  
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