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Hello from Hogwarts!

Meg speaking:We finally got electrical equipment to work here, and the result - this site! Oh and also! Some really cool news! We are now- dun dun dun big announcement- on DA: noexplanationneeded.deviantart.com/

Rea: We are Desire,Meg,Oceana and Ribena, and on this site we are going to post our roleplays and Song Lyrics. So far we have three songs.They are  Barbels Mubbles, Desire's Desire and Mushy Banana (Meg and Desire were bored and were wishing we were in Jamaica (sp)).

Desire: We do have another song; Ballad of a quidditch Widow, only -someone- *cough*Oreona*cough* lost the lyrics. *glares at meg*

Ocea: So now we've done the Explanation Thing. There is, dun dun dun, no other explanation needed!

Oh and by the way, because I can't be bothered to change greetings and suchlike:
#Happy Easter
# Happy Birthday 
# Happy Diwali (sp)
# Happy Halloween 
# Happy Guy Fawkes Night
# Happy Christmas (what do you mean 
 you didn't buy me a present?)
# Happy Hanukah (sp)
# Happy Geography (it makes a bad lesson but a good festival)

~Note- We are on an indefinate hiatus as of now. Sorry.~

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