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Interview with NEN

Do you have any piercings?

Desire: Maybe, maybe not. Why do you want to know?
Sakura: No, but I've got a tattoo, if you catch my drift.
Jinx: *sticks out tongue* Got it to annoy my mom.
Echo: No, but I want one. Maybe a lip ring?
Aletha: I wouldn't have the guts.
Cora: No. But I'll give you one if you don't shut up.
Akito: *mutters something in parseltongue and glares*
Plato: N-no. But I want one...I don't think Mi would let me...
Miyu: Nah, not my thing, but I appreciate the offer.
Raven: I have a belly-button piercing, not that you hadn't already noticed that, huh?
Meg: Go ride a hippogriff...

What would you do if your best friends were kidnapped?

Desire: Get on my broomstick, find them and when i do tell them off for being stupid enough to get kidnapped.
Sakura: Nothing. The Dark Lord wouldn't appreciate me helping out mudbloods.
Jinx: Go help them. duh!
Echo: Yeah! Let's go kick some bad guy butt!
Aletha: I'll get Echo to do it.  She's braver than me.
Cora: First of all think about who kidnapped them, instead of rushing into it like these idiots.
Akito: Set Plato on the guy.
Plato: AKITO!!!
Miyu: Now, now you two behave! *sigh* I sound like Auntie Rea.
Raven: They're likely to get kidnapped whilst I'm around.
Meg: Get lost trying to find them because I was contemplating something else whilst chewing a pen-lid
Oceana: PANIC!!! Hey- A sherbert lemon!

Would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire?

Desire: *glare*
Rea: Can't I just be a cat?
Meg: Who writes this questions anyway?
Plato: A Vampire so i could....
Raven: A werewolf so I could....
 *Raven and Plato glance at each other and blush*
Miyu: either so I know what those two think

What's your favourite animal?

Plato: A bat
Raven: A wolf
Desire: Anything BUT a wolf.
Meg: A wolfbat. Joking, A hippogriff
Harry: A phoenix *blushes* I mean- Fawkes is really cool
Oceana: Ant!
Miyu: A hippopotamus
Jinx: Hey! That was my one!

What is your dream job?

Desire: An auror! Or a writer. Depends on my mood.
Oceana: A deep sea diver! no, a secret agent! no wait, i've got it! A sherbert lemon!
Meg: An artist
Raven: A Care of Magical Creatures teaching assistant!
Georgyana: an fashion designer!
Miyu: A model!
Akito: an actor!
Plato: A rockband frontman!
Rea; a secretary!

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