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Desire Cosplay
How to cosplay as Desire

Step One: Get bangs. Tie the rest of your hair into a bun. Neatly, not a Jewish-American Princess style messy bun. Leave two strands of hair down either side of your face and curl them, again, neatly. Desire always makes her hair look perfect, and so should you! Consider dying your hair Light Brown.

Step Two: Mimic her fashion.
  • School Uniform: Desire's uniform consists of a grey waistcoat, white short sleeved blouse (puff sleeves and peter pan collor optional, but look good), Grey pleated skirt (not sluttily short, but not traditionally knee lengh. Longer skirts generally don't have pleats, making them unsuitable for hogwarts uniform. Go for a few inches above your knee.), black platform Mary Janes, and of course some black and purple stripy socks!
  • Everyday Clothes: Elegant, without overdoing it. Class is the key thing here. Go for elegant dresses, corsets, longish skirts (again, nothing slutty!), petticoats, lace, and black and purple stripy stockings under black platform boots. Try doing some research into Gothic Lolita, Punk Lolita, or Madam; as these fashions tend to be a good starting point for Desire's look.
Step Three: Get amber contacts.

Step Four: Wear minimal make-up; Desire generally does not wear foundation, but she has very pale skin, so consider wearing light foundation a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Try using liquid eyeliner to make your eyes stand out more. 

Step Five: Accesories! Desire always wears a black choker to conceal the scar of her past suicide attempt, and carrying a nice, elegant, slightly gothic bag always looks good. Don't over-accessorise, and DEFINATLEY nothing silver. If you're going for post-moon Desire, than bandages, fake blood, and posibly even a sling can add to the 'ouch' factor; just be careful not to look like something from a Marilyn Manson video, Desire retains her elegant, ladylike aura even at times like this.

Step Six: Mannerisms and the like. How you carry yourself does matter. Try to act graceful. Be polite, and somewhat formal. Sigh often. Act somewhat Philosophical, slightly depressed, and possibly adopt a slightly distant, uncaring demaneour. DO NOT BE SELF-DESTRUCTIVE, DESIRE OR NOT. I'm sorry, but that needed to be emphasized. I don't want this nice little how-to to make you kill yourself. ^^;

Desire Echo Lupin-Moonshadow~X

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