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Ten things you didn't know about Desire Lupin

1. All those times she was stuck in the hospital wing the only thing she really wanted, as in would-sell-my-soul-for-it, was a diet coke. Sweet, wonderful, caffeine.

2. Sometimes she felt her greatest accomplishment was saving Jinx's life. Other times it was just not getting killed yet. But when she really thought about it...it was getting the internet to work at Hogwarts. Now THAT took talent.

3. To start with, Rea really annoyed her. They'd had to be 'the responsible ones' of the the group plenty of times, and to be quite honest Rea was whiny, fickle, and far too obsessed with rules. It infuriated her.

4. She was always amazed at how little sleep Meg and Jinx needed. Sometimes she'd have to remind herself that they were only human and actually slept.

5. When she was seven, she always wanted to be involved in a big battle that would decide the fate of the world. Ten years on, when she was in such a situation, she decided she prefered being seven.

6. She almost didn't go to Hogwarts, because she was so afraid of hurting another student. Sakura was the one who convinced her to go.

7. She was really worried about Jinx. REALLY worried. She knew that she would be different after all that, but...she then decided that she wanted to murder each and every member of that stupid family.

8. We all know that Desire lives on her laptop. What we don't know is that she uses her veela influence to make money on an internet modelling site, and that's how the twins keep themselves alive outside of Hogwarts.

9. She was releived to meet Remus, even if she would later grow to hate him. It showed her that she wasn't the only werewolf who didn't go around eating babies.

10. As the older twin, she still feels that it is her duty to protect Sakura, even if Sakura didn't see it, she would kill anyone who dared to try to hurt her very own twin sister.

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