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Raven Black


Name: Raven-Wing Black (obv)
Star Sign:
colour: Dark Blue
species: Vampire, a little metamorphagus.
Nickname: Rea, funnily enough. (Miyu's fault)

(warning: spoilers ahead)

Hair Colour: Black with blue highlights.
Eye Colour: One Green Eye, one brown and blue.


Mother: Meg Thompson-Black
Father: Harry Potter
Siblings: Phoenix, James, Albus,Lilly.
grandmothers: Aletha Thompson and Lilly Potter.
grandfather: James Potter and Sirius Black
step-mother: Ginny Weasley.
Adopted (sorta) sister: Georgyana Weasley


Hates people messing her around and never lets anyone in. There are some parts of her life, the few parts she knows about, that are very much locked away, even for Raven herself. She is terrified of fire, which for a long time is unexplained, till she finds out who her real family are and what happened to them. However, she is a loyal and brave friend, and loves animals. (list of Raven and Georgyana's pets coming soon.)

The Only Clock In this blessed place.  
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