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Barbels Mubbles

Here is another song by us. I suppose people are going to start asking why the song is set in a science lesson though we're at school at hogwarts. Obviously this is not because Meg and Desire stole Hermione's time-turner so they could try Muggle school or anything, because Meg and Desire, being good, rule-abiding, truthful students would never do such a thing.

Hey we're in a science lesson,
and here are our observations.

We've only examined one rock
so the page isn't that long,
but we still managed
to write a song.

And it goes: Marble Bubbles
                      Bubbles Marbles
                      Barbels Mubbles
                      Mubble Barbels.
Hubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble
and all the rest of that drivel
that any old mortal could scribble
Marble Bubbles, Boils and Bibbles.

Sandstone, well what one's that?
can't read the label I'm as blind as a bat.
And we giggle as one comes into view:
Naughty Oceana! You bad girl, you!

So we all giggle, we bibble and bubble
We love Marble, cos marble bubbles!
Marble Bubbles, Marble Fizzes
Marble gargles, Marble Sizzles!

Do Muggles love Marble
because Marble Bubbles?
Do thet know the rhyme of the Hubble Bubble?

Marble Bubbles, Marble Fizzes
Marble glitters, Marble Shines-
but we do stuff like this in potions,
all of the time.

The Only Clock In this blessed place.  
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