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Desire's desire

This song is Desire's Solo. so you have to expect it to have some random lines about Laptops and Chocolate!  It's Desire's song so it's meant to sum her up! And yes she says Darkling instead of Darling!

Hey Slytherin Seeker can't you see?
You and me are meant to be.
I'm tired of pussyfooting round.
Silence isn't me! I do the sound!

Stop saying we are out place
All i got's to say is SO'S YOUR FACE!
You're making a big mistake.
Paravati's one BIG FAKE!

and - if I'm honest- I love you.
Almost as much as my laptop.
All this stuff has GOT TO STOP!

Draco darkling you're my desire.
You're the one that light's my fire.
Isn't it a boost to your ego that you're Desire's desire?
Desire's Desire.....
And don't say you don't feel the same you liar!

I don't mind if it comes to an end,
Chocolate is my second best friend
and just remember if YOU dump ME day or night-
you may get an unsuspected werewolf bite!

So you're Desire's desire - is that alright?
And I know I'm also in your sights.
You're Desire's desire, Desire's desire, Desire's desire...
the one that light's Desire's fire.
Is that alright?

Copy of the conversation afterwards:

Draco: NO.
Desire: Neither's your face!
Meg: Yeah Draco,Go ride a hippogriff!
Draco: Still a no.
Desire: *bares teeth*
Draco: I only said it wasn't alright that I'm your desire!
             Because it was meant to be the other way round!
Oceana: Yay! lets have a celebration!
Draco: I agree with physic girl - for once.
Oceana: *glares at Draco*
Meg: I'm pretty sure there is something about   
          celebration's I'm meant to like. Oh yeah! Firewhisky

*everyone screams yes except Ribena.*

Meg: what about you Ribena?
Ribena: No. I'm fine with Squash thanks.
Desire: I'm not going to pretend to understand. Let's have chocolate for this miny feast thing too.
Oceana: OK. But I'm confused. Who ended up asking 
                who out anyway?

*Everyone shrugs*

Harry: I think it was Desire. Or Draco. No Desire.....
Desire: Who cares anyway? As long as me and
               Dracokins are together.

 *Everyone groans except Draco.*

The Only Clock In this blessed place.  
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