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Desire Lupin

Desire Lupin

Full Name: Desire Echo Lupin-Moonshadow
D.O.B: January 7, 1980
Starsign: Capricorn
Color: Purple
Nicknames/Alliases: Dessy-Chan, Des, Ebony Jekyll.
Race: Halfbreed-Werewolf, at least one quater Veela.

Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color:Amber
Weight: 7 stone

Mother: Echo Moonshadow
Father: Remus J. Lupin
Siblings: Sakura(twin sister)
Children: Triplets Miyu, Akito, and Plato.

Desire is, at heart, a good person, but often doesn't act it. There are many words to desribe Desire, starting with Manipulative, Secretive, Untrusting, Reckless, Arrogant, stubborn, Kinda Mean at times, and Distant, and ending with brave, alone, lost, scared, jaded, intelligent, loyal, beautiful, sorry, tragic, hurt, intense, trustworthy, noble, and broken.


Desire and Sakura's mom was killed by deatheaters, fun, huh?  Her dad was busy with the order, and for obvious reasons they could never last long in a childrens home, so the twins more-or-less raised themselves. Throughout all of this, Desire was the one taking care of her twin, not the other way around. Aside from full moons, Hogwarts was the first time the twins had been apart.

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