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Meg Thompson

Name: Oriona Meg Thompson-Black
Mother: Aletha Thompson (grrr....)
Father: Sirius Black
Siblings: 1 younger brother, Jakob, desceased.
Alias: The ninja-turtle with the blue headband, Ebony 
            Jekyll, Oreo-chan (blame Desire)
Food of choice: Pen-Lids or Wine Gums
Drink of choice: Firewhisky or Cider
Trademark insult: Go ride a hippogriff!
Likes: The Cinema, electrical stuff (though not as much 
             as Desire), Hippogriffs,Books,Making Paper aeroplanes and Drawing.
Hates: Cho Chang,Parvati, Muggle alchohol, social workers.Her 
             Mum. Christmas.
Colour: Black or Blue (but It's Harry who ends up those 
Place of Birth: Somewhere In London
D.O.B: 7th August
Best Friends: Desire, Oceana, Rea.
Personality: Sarcastic, Mysterious, Loyal, Creative,Smart (when she wants to be), Vivacious and Blunt.
Weaknesses: Can get defensive and Standoffish, especially when you first meet her.
Best Subject: Defence Against the Dark Arts,Transfiguration, Divination.
Animagus: Phoenix
Hair: Mostly auburnish and Wavy, though a Metamorphagus.
Eyes: Green,fringed with really long thick eyelashes.
House: Ravenclaw
Children: Twins Phoenix and Raven.
Quote: 'I don't respond to pokes.''
             '*sarcastically* Joy'

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