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Brothers, Vampires and secrets revealed.
((This is set in the children of NEN era, Ravens third year and Miyu's fourth))
I can't beleive her!!
Who's her, Rea?
Oh. What's she done now?
She's going out with my brother!
Well, I used to think there was something between Akito and Plato, and they're BOTH my brothers. Still, if that's how she feels then...wait...wouldn't that make him her brother as well? I'm a little lost...
No. We're not sisters.
But...I thought you were twins? or was one of you adopted..?
Mi...I don't want to talk about this. It's complicated.
Oh, right, I understand. Have you seen my domb brother anywhere?
No. But I don't want her anywhere near my brother!
No, this is serious Rea. Have you seen Plato?
So is this. But you don't understand, Mi...this could involve your brother too...
How so?
Mi, me and HER are...
*sighs and stops pacing up and down*  are what?
Please don't judge me...
I won't, I promise. I swear on Plato's life.

Raven: It's a very long story, and one i don't have the time to tell, so I'll just give you the basic facts... Miyu:Right. Ok Raven: SHE is capable of killing both our brothers. Miyu: Well...are vampires stronger than werewolves then? *sounding interested* Raven: Hang on a minute...you KNEW? Miyu: Plato knew. He could sense it. You know.. because werewolves and vampires...don't exactly get on.. I was worried about him, and what would happen if he was right. Me and Aki both were! So...we decided to do a little spying on her. Sorry..she's your sister. It was rude, but Plato..It was my obligation as a sister! Raven: He...only picked up on Georg? Miyu: He picked up on both, but I wouldn't let Aki spy on my friend, so we were never really sure about you..I guess we are now though. Raven: Yes, but you don't need to be worried about me. i can control myself around you and Akito. Miyu: And around Plato. Friends we may be Rea, but hurt him and i will make your life a living hell.. Raven: My existence, you mean? *hollow laugh* I wouldn't ever hurt him..but with Plato, it's ... Miyu: It's what? You can tell me. Raven: I wouldn't hurt him, ok? Right now we need to make sure no one else does. Miyu: I just wanted to tell him that he forgot to take his potion, and tonight is.. Raven: right, I know where they'll be. I can handle Georgyana, but if Plato is bleeding get him away from me immediatley,.. or.. Miyu: Okay. So where are they? Raven: They'll be under the school. You know the legend of the monster? It wasn't just the Basilisk.. Miyu: oh? Raven: You see Vam..my kind have been living under the school for centuries.. Miyu: You mean..Plato, if anything happens to you then..I'm so sorry! Raven: we could both kill each other, but you don't understand... it's not just Georg down there! I will do my best, ok? Know that. Miyu: what are you saying? That I should let you go alone? This is my brother we're talking about! Wait! How will we get in, anyway? I thought you had to speak parsletongue? Raven: Yes.. Miyu: Should I get Aki? I don't really want to get him involved.. Raven: No. I may have a 'friend' who can help us.. Miyu: huh? who? Raven: His name is Leo. Miyu: Leo? Isn't that Ribena Evans' son? He's only a first year! Raven: So am I, technically. If we're being precise about this, I'm 3 months old. Miyu: how do you mean? Is that when you were bitten? Raven: yes. My grandmother is who I have to thank for my..existence. Miyu: I thought you're whole family were dead? Not to seem insensitive, but we don't really have time for this agony aunt session, Rea. The sun will be setting soon. Raven: You were the one that asked. Anyway, o you know anyone that knows the password to the slytherin dungeons? Miyu: make way for the biggest prankster this decade! I don't quite live up to the standards of the marauders...or the weasley twins, no explanation needed, or even that lestrange girl..but I know that much. *they go into the girls bathroom* Moaning Myrtle: Aaah! Raven.. Raven: how do you know my name? Moaning Myrtle: your fa- Harry Potter mentoned you.. Raven: Harry Potter? That guy with the scar on his forehead? He knows nothing about me! Miyu: Rea,we really need to get going.. Raven: Look myrtle, can we have this chat another time? Did two boys and a girl with um..very dark eyes go through there? *gestures to the sinks* Miyu: Please, tell us! The boy would have had amber eyes, blonde hair,amber streaks, about so high..Have you seen them?It's really important! Raven: And the other boy..he looks quite a bit like me.. Moaning Myrtle: *secret smile* maybe, maybe not.. Raven: I have no time for maybes, myrtle! Moaning Myrtle: You didn't listen to what i had to say, So I won't listen to you! Miyu: Myrtle, we really don't have time for this! My brother could die if you won't tell us what the hells happening? Moaning Myrtle: So! I died *sobs* Miyu: Don't you dare! Smug piece of ectoplasm! If you don't tell me, I swear to whatever god's on our side that i will make firewhisky out of you and flush you down the toilet and you'll never sob again for all eternity! Moaning Myrtle: All eternity? *is hesitant* Miyu: You heard right.
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