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haha! Rea! We have put a spell on this so you cannot delete it! And yes we did eventually do the stupid assignment...

Right guys, Rea's asleep.

And so should we be. Its the middle of the night! And I can't remember half the things she says. My brain won't work at this hour.

Well Rea might say something in her sleep for inspiration.

*raises eyebrow* I'm going back to bed.

                            Oceana and Meg sneak over and pull back the covers.


And...we have...chocolate

*shoots up in bed* chocolate?


*gives in* okay then.


I think i'll go read a book-you guys are nuts I don't know you.
                                         Or said after an awkward silence.

Miaow-sometimes said for hello

EWWWW!!!!!- probably upon the sight of a rat.

*wan smile*

you okay ocea?

I'm fine. Hey I have one! Remember that day on the train? In third year?

Cold-breathy-freaky-skelety-handy-thingy!- a dementor

Oscy- reffering to Orange Squash. For some reason also
            known as Oscar Robinson.

Maybe we should a stripe more information- trying to avoid 
                                                                       saying 'we need to

You're not so pink yourself- We think this is meant to be an 
                                             insult, as it is often said to 

*all grimace*

Do you know what she said to Fred yesterday? *indignantly*

Tell us another time.Rea's restless

*mutters spells in her sleep*

Yeah, I really enjoyed that defence against the dark arts lesson- Upon the sight of Remus Lupin. Weird tastes.

Bla Bla Hiss Bla Hiss Bla Bla- Parseltongue for something or 

Desire, stop worrying about your hair...aaah! a curl! a curl in my hair! No way!- a perfect example of being...

oh no..the pens run out...

               They all search the room for another pen. They see one
                poking out from under Rea's pillow.

We could try accio...

It will wake her up!

It won't. She sleeps like a cat. Remember playing sleeping lions when you were younger?


Well, you wouldn't have but...*takes out wand*

I still don't think... God I sound like Rea..must be all the Diction-Rea-ing...

Accio pen!

                   The pen shoots out along with the pillow. Rea's head
                    goes thump on the mattress..

Guys..what are you doing?

nothing! *faking innocent looks*

...Right...*yawning* well you'd better go to sleep, we need it for our exam tomorow, though you probably have forgotten.

Yep..we did!

You've got to pay more attention in class!

Yes professor Rea!

Though you have got a paper there...you were just doing this to wind me up!
You have been revising!

Well sort of...yes..we have been revising the words of a...a..*has to hide laugh*

What Meg is trying to say is...

*snigger snigger...fake cough*

What Meg is *tries to hide laughter with a smile* Um...Ocea?

We've been revising the words of a studious and..*laughs* sorry, I can't...

Hard working *fake cough* person...

Oh so you did do that assignment on the speeches of an auror...*eyelids shut*

              gentle snores come from Rea's bed and the rest of the female marauders 
               burst out laughing

so I suppose we should get started on this exam...

we don't know what subject the exam's on...

Let's just finish off the chocolate,...

                  there is an angry knock on the door...


The Only Clock In this blessed place.  
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