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Misunderstandings and Ocea's big mistake
Fifth year, Desire is in the hospital wing after full moon.

Hey, Desire.
Huh? Oh, hi Ocea. How are you?
Not too bad, I guess.
Same here. Better than I was yesterday at any rate.
Thats good. When's she going to let you out?
Soon, I hope.
Hey, well, you look like your more or less recovered; why don't I sneak you out now, whilst she's not looking?
Did you have any stuff with you?
A book, and a lot of chocolate..
Well, there probably won't be any of that left. Accio Desire's book!

~On their way back to the common room~

So..do you want to get straight back to work or what?
'Work'? Oceana, I am a veela, we don't do 'work'.
*sighs* Ok, library then?
Ok..wait, Ocea, whats wrong? 
i'm feeling a little too vampire-ish

ahh...I guessed. It must have been horrible for your mother, I mean, at
least you were born this way... she was bitten as a child... right?
Yeah..and you know what happened last time I was like this..
...yeah. *shudders at the memory* Ummmm...Ocea?
Why are you being so nice? I mean, I killed someone for Merlins sake!.. and yet you probably saved my life last full moon keeping whatch like that...
Desire, you are my friend, and what you are and what i am doesn't change that..
I know, but...maybe Pomfrey wouldn't let me out for a reaon, I feel like i've been hit by a truck...*colapses against Oceana*
Ah! I wasn't thinking! *jumps up*
*runs at Desire and pins her against the wall growls for the sudden wish and avalability of blood*
Ah! Ocea, what're you..? *faints*
*aware that she will kill Desire if she stays much longer* Perriculum!! *turns into bat and flys out of the window*
*Wakes up* ....Ocea..?
Desire? What are you doing here? ...wait...why are you out of the hospital?
I snuck out with Ocea. I probably shouldn't have, but she was doing my head in.
What was she doing?
She...is too nice for her own good. And...I need to tell her something..
What do you need to tell her? or do you need only her to know first?
I-I don't know if she would let me tell you. It-it's kind of...personal. I n-need to forgive her for...something..Today, if you don't mind. I can't keep this up much longer.
Come on, lets get you back to the hospital. Then I'll find Ocea, Ok?
O-ok...Rea, I...

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