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Squeaking Scabbers and Stolen Suitcases

In case you were wondering, this roleplay fits into third year, when Harry does his fainting 'ahh dementor' bit.

Look, I know I'm a phoenix and I'm used to burning hot conditions, but all the same, did it just get completley Artic-like cold?!?

What's the artic?

*pets* we'll tell you when you're older, sweetie...

                    A new professor walks past them, he looks quite ired,
                     but that didn't stop Rea from saying....

Wow! that teacher was well fit!

*under breath* he's also a werewolf...*sniffs*...

Lupin, Lupin..... *scans brain* DESIRE! That teacher-guy stole your suitcase!

                                They all leave their carriage. Immediatley aferwards, 
                                  the food trolley trundles in.

Aw! *whines* I was going to get some chocolate...

I wanted....

Ocea...they don't sell blood...

I was going to say sherbert lemons!

I wonder if they sell Ribena....

Right, anyway, back to something more important: My suitcase!

Wait Desire, you're holding your suitcase!

Huh? What is up with that? I saw...

                                *squeak squeak* scabbers runs past them.

Looks like Ron's lost his rat...AGAIN!

We had better go find the thing.

Aaaah! Aaaah! Rats! *screams* ew!

Calm down Rea, and no drinking the rat's blood Ocea...

SSshhhh!!!!!! ....people will overhear you! And that rat absoloutley stinks!

*under breath* yeah....it actually does...

Smells? No more than most things...

I don't stink!!!

                                    Oceana,Meg and Desire look at each other and nod,
                                   then altogether they say 'YES YOU DO!'

*starts crying*

Rea...we didn't actually mean it...

It's not that! The rat! It just bit my toe! I probably have rabies now!

*under her breath* ...I'll give you rabies...

I'm sure it didn't mean any harm... this rat always seems to remind me of...someone...*looks thoughtful*

How can a rat remind you of someone? They're barely human...

They're rats, of course they're not human!

Hey! we....I mean...er...*laughs nervously*...animals are people too!

                                  A cold blast hits the female marauders straight in 
                                   their faces. There are several low moans from Desire

*low moan*My hair, my poor hair!

                                  and a shout from Ocea:

Hey! Stop hitting me!

Um...Ocea...For once, that wasn't me...

                                  They all turn to look at each other, and then they 
                                      see the...

Cold breathy freaky cloaky skelety handy thingy!

Perhaps it's a boggart, think of something nice....like...

wine gums!



 I was thinking more chocolate...but okay...

Yeah Ocea, no offence, but not everyone finds that appetising!

Oh whatever, more important things, guys...

                                     They all turn to face the...

Cold breathy freaky cloaky skelety handy thingy! oh yeah....

Adjectives hand picked from the Diction-Rea....guys, this is a dementor...

Oh yeah, I remember these things...prepare for some serious soul-sucking...

                                     They all cower, screaming....


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