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The Pain of Plato's Passing

 ((This is a not-quite-sequal to Brothers vampires and secrets revealed))




Can't you smell that?

Smell what? Sorry. You know only you, Plato, and Georg can smell stuff like that...

Right. Yeah.

Oh, it smells so....*Ravens eyes suddenly gleam red*

..Raven? Oh, cool!! I wish I could do that. You are SO lucky, Rea...

Wheres Georg?

I...am not currently aware of that fact. Why'd you ask?

Because Mi, *a smile gleams on Ravens face and her eyes go manic and red* the blood....*Raven inhales* oh...the blood...

...Rea, calm down. I'll bye you a bloodpop from hogsmeade or somethin''

But not just blood, blood like i have never smelt before...and if i am like this...what can georg be like?

I don't know, do I?! Whose blood is it, anyway?

I have no idea but i barely control myself, Mi. *her eyes momentairily flash red* but Georg will be worse than me...

*sighs* Lets go find her, then, I guess..
Before we do.... i need to got to our dorm.


*Ravens eyes turn a darker red*

*Miyu skips along a short way ahead of her friend, arms folded behind dher head in a 'I realy don't care what you say' manner*


But what Miyu didnt realise was that in a flash of black and blue Raven was led by her nose to the blood, the blood that every inch of her empty body was burning for.

Hey, Rea? *no reply* Rea-Rea? Raven? *turns around* Hey! Where the hell do you think you're going? *she runs after Raven*


Raven was already beside the body. She leant over it and the smell of blood overwhelmed her. Her mouth was inches from the neck when she recognised the blonde hair. Plato. And there on his neck was the unmistakable mark of fangs....oh god. thought Raven...i've killed him...


Miyu ran faster, as Raven disapeared round a corner. Panting slightly, she arrived to see Raven bent over the unconsious body af a blonde boy. A blonde boy who looked suspiciously like a certain wannabe-Oshare, procrastinating, Werewolf. "Rea-Rea" she said slowly "Get the hell away from my brother"

Raven tore at her head with her hands. 'Plato....Plato...Oh God'


Miyu tapped her foot a little impatiently, wand drawn, waiting for the younger girl to register her presence.


Raven had long been aware of the wand at her neck and also her desperation at the fact that no wand could kill her. She would live forever in her pain.


Miyu stared down at the seemingly lifeless form of Plato, and, consumed by rage, she muttered the unforgivable curse without thinking; "Crucio" she said in a cold voice.


Raven tried to resist a vampires natural reaction to turn their heads in a nanosecond reflecting the curse back on the benefactor. Instead the curse hung in the air in the form of spider.

Raven didn't care that the curse would eventually find her and do what to her she didnt know. Either way, curse or no curse, Plato still lay, seemingly lifeless inches away from her.

"Oh my God!" Miyu clapped both hands over her mouth, registering what she had done, "I'm so sorry Raven!" the animagus gave a small whimper and sank to her knees beside Raven, wrapping her arms around the younger girl protectivley

And there they were, just two lost little girls clinging to one another, crying over the death of the boy who had, in different ways, ruled both of their lives, not even caring that Miyu's curse hung in the air behind them. And now it was too late for both of them.

((Yeah, this story kind of changes style half way through. This was for two resons: One, we kinda forget that NEN is supposed to be written in script form. Two: It just kind of works with this story, the ending wouldn't be nearly as touching in our usual writing style))


Miyu stood there, watching, as time seemed to slow down around them. "Im so sorry" She managed to say, her voice shaking with an emotion that Raven couldn't quite dechipher, "I didn't mean to- I mean..." she shook her head sadly. She wasn't quite sure what she did mean.
 Raven wished with all her heart that she could cry, but as much as she willed her eyes, the tears never came. She put her head in her hands.
As she did so, she realised her mouth did not have its usual humid feel, and what was more, her throat was still burning. Her lifeless heart sped to her mouth as she bent over the body...

Miyu didn't even make a move to stop Raven, simply stated "Do what you wish to him", unable to meet the vampires eyes, "We were always complaining about our brothers, after all" she added with a trembling smile.

Raven didnt dare correct Miyu as to what she was doing, till she was certain. Trembling, she bent over the body, and looked at the mark on Plato's neck- his poor, beautiful, lifeless neck and screamed.


 "Hmph. I guess you won't be wanting that bloodpop now, huh?" she smirked.


'I'll kill her!' Raven, whom up till now had been speechless, roared. ' I'll burn whatever's left of her godamn soul!'

"You mean Georg" Miyu muttered. "We'll do it together."
Her eyes met Ravens, and everything- more or less- was again how it should be between them.

' Im so sorry Miyu, I was so close... i thought i had killed him....'

"You talk to much, Rea" Miyu smirked "always have, always will. Now lets go!"

' Miyu...have my eyes gone at all red since you came?'

"Slightly. More Magenta than Cerise, though." Miyu laughed.

' That means i can control myself'

"Okay. My blood tastes icky anyway. I've tried" Miyu smiled.
*Raven smiled slightly* 'How much Magenta?'
"Hmmm...." Miyu turned her head to one side, mock-studying her friends face "Rasberry Juice"
"That color"

Raspberry juice. I hated that stuff. Reminds me too much of......*Raven controls herself*
Fluffy little duckilings.
Rea...You don't need to lie to me. I'm not disgusted by you. Quite the contrary, I think it's cool. *reassuring smile*
Its not that. I need to control myself, because if I can.....
I know.
You know what?


What you could do. I don't care. It's an ocupational hazard of being your frend. And of being Plato's sister. Plato....,We have to hurry.
I'm NOT gonna let that bitch live!!!
Its not preventing what i can do, in this case, its making it possible.
Whatever. Can we go kick some Georgyana ass now?
There is a chance...
of what?
i can't say
i dont want to raise your ho-o
ho-pes the disapointment will be too much for me. I won't be able to comfort you as well.
You won't need to comfort me.
I'm the imature prankster, remember? There to hand out hugs, chocolate, and dungbombs.
never mind

Hmmmnnn. I shall remember that next time our Dorm smells suspicious.
You do that
I shall. Vampires never forget. Or maybe that doesn't work. My aunt was a serial forgettor.
Your aunt?
Yes, my aunt
I didn't now you had an aunt
well i say aunt.More my Great Aunts daughter

*Georgyana turns up*

   Yes your 'great aunt's daughter. My mother. My stupid mother.
            The one that made me like this. Perhaps you should blame her instead of me.

   I don't blame anyone. I won't. Just..........please. Bring Plato back...

    Why Raven? You haven't suffered much pain. Its not fair! *tear trickles down her face*

  Not much pain?

   Well I-I..

   *interuppting* I've said it before and I'll say it again, you have one seriously screwed up family Rea. Hey, wait. Earlier I tried to crucio Raven, but the curse just sort of stopped. What was up with that?

*They all turn to look at said curse*

Raven: It's coming for me...slowly...

Georg: Then I guess...ok.

*Plato sits up*

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