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How to Get in SIRIUS trouble like NEN
How to get in SIRIUS trouble like NEN

Meg: Let a teacher find your 'secret' stash of firewhisky.
Desire: Wear a black cloak and a mask to an exam. About half way through, get up and start singing the phantom of the opera.
Oceana: Start a fire trying to make s'mores on the radiator.
Rea: Why would I -want- to get in Sirius trouble?
Jinx: Ocaisionally yell "What fools these mortals be!". Esspecially at teachers.
Sakura: Sakura Lupin does nto get in trouble.
Echo: Eat in class. Break into the teachers offices.
Cora: Just do anything from a horror film. End of.
Aletha: Don't go looking for trouble, it usually finds you anyways.
Miyu: Steal potions ingredients. Come to school on a dragon.
Akito: Organize the first ever 'Hogwarts pride'
Plato: Constantly listen to music. Ignore everyone. Especially Snape.
Raven: Take all your pets to school. ALL of them.
Georgyana: Why would you want to get in trouble? Thats just dumb.

The Only Clock In this blessed place.  
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