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How to eat toast like NEN
How to eat toast like NEN

Meg: "Screw the toast, give me the alchohol!"
Desire: Act like you aren't hungry. Slowly edge towards the chocolate spread. Full moon isn't -that- close, after all...
Oceana: Burn toast. Insist on spreading jam on it anyway and share with your pet ant.
Rea: Spread strawberry jam on toast. Eat it. Like a normal person.
Jinx: Toast bread. Put on whatever condiments happen to be handy. Make into a toast sandwich. Eat whilst running off somewhere.
Sakura: Om nom nom...somehow, you manage to make eating toast look cute.
Echo: Invent a weird sandwich filling like 'cheese, onion, ham, mayo and mustard', spread on toast. Eat a few bites, decide you don't like it, and fiddle with your bangs, whilst casting a teasing look at every male in the vincinity.
Cora: Put Tomato ketchup on toast. Pretend that it's blood to scare people/
Aletha: Worry over wether thats realy blood around Cora's mouth or not...meep!
Miyu: Burn toast. Break into little peices. Amuse yourself by flicking said peices at the back of Georgyana's head.
Plato: Create some uber-weird combination. Spread on toast. Eat it all, thouroghly freaking out the people sitting next to you.
Akito: You don't. But, you may sneak off with the jam into a cupboard with your boyfriend. ^_~
Raven: Eat toast with just butter on it, trying not to laugh at Miyu teasing Georgyana. Maybe looking flirtatiously at Plato.
Georgyana: Try very hard not to get hit by Miyu's 'accidental' flecks of toast.

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