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How to fake being ill like NEN
How to fake being ill like NEN

Meg: Pretend to have the worlds biggest hangover. Moan loudly that the lights burn and you wish the ground would swallow you.
Desire: Why -would- you?
Oceana: Two words; Skiving. Snackboxes.
Rea: Fake being ill?! I would never!
Jinx: Faint dramatically in the hallway, and insist repeatedly that your "Fine" and "It's not as bad as it looked.
Sakura: Unlike some stupid sisters of mine, I would never do that.
Echo: Cover yourself in bandages and fake blood. The gorier the better.
Cora: Research some incredibly oscure disease and adopt its symptoms.
Aletha: Probably just a few fake cuts, coughing, nothing -too- gross...
Miyu: Dump a bottle of water into the toliet while retching. Insist your too weak to do any homework.
Akito: Perform the most compicated non-lethal curse you know on yourself. Smirk as Madame Pomfrey tries to sort it out.
Plato: Pretend to be insane. Maybe even fake a suicide.
Raven: Uhh...skiving snackboxes I guess.
Georgyana: Just wouldn't do this.

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