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How to amuse yourself on a road trip like NEN
How to amuse yourself on a road trip like NEN

Meg: Make sarcastic Comments. Get drunk. Annoy the driver. Repeat for six hours.
Desire: Bring your laptop and buy chocolate at -every- rest stop.
Oceana: Shout "The Tree!!" every single time you drive past a tree. Ask to stop for Ice Cream.
Rea: Read. Make "helpful" comments about where you should be going.
Jinx: Play I-spy until your eyes bleed. Seriously. Then attempt to serenade Desire with a poem. Bonus points if she blushes!
Sakura: Meh. You have homework to catch up on. Why did you agree to this, anyway?
Echo: Try to fix your hair whilst driving and almost drive off a bridge. Multiple times.
Cora: Tell horror stories. Make everyone hold their breath when you drive past a graveyard. Say that it's "for their own good"
Aletha: Get bored. Complain. Say "are we there yet?" every few seconds.
Miyu: Knock knock jokes!! *grin*
Akito: Pretend to flirt with Plato. Sure he's your brother, but Raven's angry looks make it all worth it.
Plato: Listen to music. Try to ignore Akito.
Raven: Glare at Akito. 
Georgyana: Read. Ignore the others immature behaviour.
Pheonix: Make small talk with Georgyana. Be sure to metion the weather at least twice.
Aslana: Get petted as the "token little girl" of the group.
Leo: Stare out of the window.  Say nothing.
Lily: Come up with new curses to use on James.
Sirius: Flirt with Remus, or if he is by that point with Echo, just be unusually nice to him.
Remus: Sit in the front, all windows down, wearing those strange bracelet things, and chugging Pepto Bismol because you get motion sickness.
Harry: Brood over Horcruxes.
Draco: Worry about how you're going to explain what has been asked of you to Desire, but instead end up getting roped into Jinx's game of "HardXCore I-spy"
Orange Squash: Discover too late that you're a terrible navigator, and that you have no idea where you've led everyone.
Fred: Play I-spy with Jinx. Join Oceana in asking for ice cream. Test one af your Fainting Fancies half way through the trip and scare everyone.
Parvati: End up getting locked in the trunck so that no one has to put up with you.

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