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How to stay up all night like NEN
How to stay up all night like NEN

Meg: Meg just does stay up. And is a morning person. She like...doesn't sleep. At all.
Desire: Diet Pepsi and the internet. Bliss.
Oceana: Jump around the Dorm, talking constantly.
Rea: All night? Are you mad?! now stop jumping around, ocea.
Jinx: Run around the forbidden forest, yelling random spells at no one, lines from poetry, and over used latin phrases until you physically exaust yourself and end up passing out in potions the next day. Constantly maintain that 'It was worth it'.
Sakura: Gossip with the other slytherins about 'mudbloods'...even though you are one. Hey, a girl has to fit in,, right? *sigh*
Echo: Bring on the caffeine, guys!
Cora: Amuse yourself by telling incredibly gory ghost storys.
Aletha: Try very hard not to think about the story Cora just told you. End up having nightmares.
Miyu: Run around the dorm stealing your roomates stuff.
Akito: Whisper threataning sounding phrases in parseltounge. They actually mean 'I like fluffy bunnys'. But you don't need to explain that.
Plato: Listen to music. Realy, realy, loudly.

Raven: Read, watch old movies, try and hide your stuff from Miyu.
Georgyana: Try to ignore Miyu and Raven. You need sleep.
Pheonix: Read, end up getting in a pillow fight with Miyu.
Aslana: Play with my dolls! ^w^
Leo: "...."
Lily: Read, do your homwork, get sent flowers by james.
Sirius: Poke/Flirt with/Generally irritate Remus.
Remus: Try to get mad at Sirius, but the puppy eyes get the better of you. As always.
Harry: Any way possible. Damn nightmares..
Draco: Count the dots on the ceiling, wishing you could see the stars.
Orange Squash: Play video games!
Fred: Invent new things to sell at Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. Test them on first years/Oceana.
Parvati: ...Probably give your 'friends'(who don't really like you or eachother) a 'makeover' (which makes them look worse).

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